About Skyview Living

Skyview Living specializes in the ownership and management of residential apartment buildings across Southern Ontario. As a family owned business for over 30 years, we strive to help families and individuals find a place they can call home.

Our team works hard to the best of their ability, to provide a safe, clean, quiet, and friendly environment to all residents and continues to make improvements to better their standard of living. Whether it be improving on energy efficiency, updating units that are condo inspired, adding amenities that are extremely beneficial to our residents, Skyview drives these areas to make our customers happy at the end of the day.

At Skyview Living, we believe in a family culture that’s reflected not only on our colleagues, but our partners, contractors, suppliers, and most importantly, our residents. Not only do we invest in apartment buildings, we invest in the people that assist us in achieving our vision.

At Skyview Living, it’s not just an apartment, it’s your new home.