Our Founder – Danny Iannuzziello

Danny Iannuzziello

It all started at the age of 11, during a casual drive when Danny’s father pointed out a property that his cousin owned. As he went on to explain what it took to own a building like that, Danny remembers his mind wandering as his eyes skimmed the apartment structure. It was at that very moment that he thought one day, he too, would love to own an apartment building.

As a young teenager, his parents taught him the value of hard work and commitment, but most importantly, to have a passion and desire for whatever it was he wanted to excel in. With these words of advice instilled in him, he experimented with several jobs, including buying and selling newspaper routes from the age of twelve, working at McDonalds flipping hamburgers for a couple of years, then starting a business of painting parking lot lines. His break as a young man came during the summer months when he was 17 and 18 and worked for a seed company, by selling packets of seeds to grocery stores. Amongst all this, he found his love in the sport of soccer. He credits all these opportunities and experiences in his early years as the true foundation and building blocks to a successful career ahead.

Fast forward, Danny graduated with a degree in Computer Science at York University in Toronto where he excelled in Systems Analysis and Design. Nonetheless, his passion for rental properties remained, so he also pursued to get his real estate license. As a young 21-year-old, Danny did just that – he dabbled in real estate by buying and selling condominium units that eventually led to buying houses and just two years later, he went all in and purchased his first 17-unit apartment building in Toronto.

Even though he worked in the computer industry as his primary job for six years, he spent his down time communicating with apartment owners and picking their brains as to, ”how they started”, and “how they made it”. At the time he remembers, he was more fascinated with the stories than he was with the transaction. His interest and drive for real estate urged him to learn how to broker apartment deals, form joint ventures and how to purchase and manage small to medium sized buildings. By his late 20’s he was well on his way, brokering apartment transactions, and grew his own apartment portfolio to 150 units. By this time, he risked leaving the Computer industry to focus primarily on real estate full time.

On his 31st birthday, he formed Skyview Realty Ltd., as a Principal Broker, that specialized in the sale of residential apartment buildings. With a computer background, he developed at the time a database and software system that would aid his brokerage team with state-of-the-art technology that virtually provided information to qualified buyers within hours of getting the “go ahead” to market the property. To date, he has brokered well in excess of 750 apartment building transactions for his clients’ and their satisfaction over time has been at 100% on all of his sales. During this time, he also expanded his investment portfolio which currently operates today as Skyview Living – owning and managing well over 1200 rental units. It expands throughout Southern Ontario, including areas in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Welland, Hamilton, Burlington, London, Orangeville, Barrie, Oshawa and Brockville. His commitment has been to always provide his residents upon move in, apartments of quality with attention to detail and safety.

Danny is, without a doubt, completely committed to an industry that he loves, appreciates and is so passionate about. The foundation of all his relationships has been built from integrity, trust and professionalism and loves nothing more than providing his extensive knowledge and experience in assisting his clients to choosing the property best fit for them.

To this day, Danny continues to oversee his team and guide them through his mentorship program to master the art of selling properties from start to finish. His expertise in building evaluations, industry knowledge, property management, taxation benefits, estate planning and social networking, along with his negotiating and problem-solving skills, allows his brokerage team to be a leader in this unique area of real estate.

As Danny established his Skyview Teams, he had always envisioned that his own family would be involved in the business. To this day, various members of his extended family also take an active role in the organization and show an appreciation for this “little empire” he has built from scratch. Danny has taken this and has thrived to build a family-oriented atmosphere for all his team members to enjoy.  Skyview continues to persevere with individuals who share common goals, passion, drive, respect, and most importantly, unity.

When asked about his journey so far, he reflects not on the numbers of personal accomplishments, but rather on the number of incredible individuals he has been fortunate to meet along the way. He is so proud to be part of his clients’ fascinating success stories of their journeys to owning of investment properties; happy to see kids faces from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Centre, when they receive their toys from the Skyview team’s annual toy drive, and the countless expressions from families that are in need during Christmas that get that extra bit of financial support. He is also proud of the bursaries provided annually to the Men and Women recipients of the Danny Iannuzziello Soccer Awards, as part of the York University soccer program. In the early days he treasured the many individuals he met as volunteers who supported the cause of the REENA foundation, an non- profit social service agency, dedicated to integrating individuals with developmental disabilities into the mainstream of society, which remains his long term charity of choice and the one closest to his heart.

The successes do not, nevertheless, come without turbulence, failure and hitting rock bottom, but come with the ability on how to learn, how to grow, and how to move forward. For Danny to get to where he is today was not a simple walk in the park. Just like everyone else, he experienced hardships – losing his father at the age of 20 to a construction accident, facing 21% interest rates in the early 1980’s, living through the falling real estate values in the early 1990’s, the Recession in 2008, and even facing a global pandemic during 2020. Danny’s philosophy: You learn from your challenges, you teach others by sharing your experiences, and then you move forward to the next step.

Danny is always looking for like-minded individuals, entrepreneurial type thinkers , full of energy and passion, team players, results oriented, who are able to communicate effectively and multi task efficiently and with a hunger for self-growth. If you are this person, there is always room at the dinner table for one more family member to join our team. Send Danny an email to the email address below describing how you are that person and how we can be of mutual benefit to each other. He loves talking apartment buildings and your personal growth.


Danny Iannuzziello and family.

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